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How important is quality and customer satisfaction to Pro-Pave SealCoat Company?
Pro-Pave SealCoat Company, Inc. strives gives every client more than they pay for. It’s just the way we do business, and we have been doing business this way for over a quarter century! We are truly more concerned with quality and customer satisfaction than with profits. That’s why we’re frequently hired by so many general contractors in the Southwest region.
What sealcoat products do you use?
Pro-Pave SealCoat Company, Inc. is a regional distributor for SealMaster® SealCoat and bulk products. We have been applying SealMaster® SealCoat for 26 years!

SealMaster® is the world’s number one producer of pavement sealer and sealcoat. We believe that SealMaster® is simply the best pavement sealer available today.

Pro-Pave Sealcoat Company, Inc. is also the East Texas Distributor for PMSI and Neyra bulk products.

Who are some of Pro-Pave SealCoat's customers?
Circuit City – 132 stores in 34 states
UPS – 64 distribution centers in 28 states
Walgreen’s – 139 stores in 5 states
FedEx – 42 distribution centers
Arby’s – 10 restaurants in Lousiana
Oak Creek Homes – 45 locations

These are in addition to a myriad of malls, shopping centers, churches, apartments, businesses and institutions that we have done work for.

How is Pro-Pave Sealcoat Company different from other paving companies?
In the SealCoat/Paving industry, there is no requirement for licenses, permits or training by any government or private organization. There are no regulatory agencies to protect the consumer from unscrupulous or incompetent paving contractors. If you have a trailer and a shovel you can start your own paving company, and if you have a broom and a bucket you can start a sealcoat company.

Therefore, the consumer must rely on the integrity of their contractor. From the very beginning, Pro-Pave SealCoat Company, Inc. was established to be one the one of the best Paving Maintenance Companies in the Southwest. What sets us apart from the competition is the following:

Pro-Pave is the local Distributor for PMSI, Neyra and SealMaster bulk products.
Pro-Pave uses more sand, latex and costly additives than most other local contractors.
Pro-Pave Applies almost twice the traffic paint at no additional charge.
Pro-Pave is the choice by many general contractors in the region.
Pro-Pave strives to give every client more than they pay for.

Pro-Pave ensures all equipment is clean and in proper working order.
Pro-Pave ensures all crews are professional in both appearance and manner.
Pro-Pave has separate Sales, Operations and Quality Control Divisions.
Pro-Pave utilizes the latest technologies and purchases the best equipment available.
Pro-Pave provides training for all its technicians.

Will I get a written proposal before work starts?
Yes. Proposals from Pro-Pave Sealcoat Company, Inc. clearly describe the work to be provided, where it will be provided, and may include Standard and Premier options. Premier options may be recommended for high traffic areas.
Does Pro-Pave Sealcoat Company have references?
Yes. Upon request, Pro-Pave Sealcoat Company, Inc. will be happy to provide a long list of references.
Will your services interfere with our traffic flow and customer parking?
Pro-Pave SealCoat Company, Inc. does everything possible to minimize the temporary inconvenience that our services can cause. We are traffic flow experts, and as such we maximize traffic flow and parking while averting confusion and inconvenience as much as possible for your clients.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Pro-Pave SealCoat Company, Inc. accepts checks and all major credit cards.
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